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Re: MOL with stock potato?

>   I have tried and tried to get MOL working without a kernel recompile. I
> keep getting a altivec error with a the Potato kernel.

Remove altivec support from your kernel. That took me to a loading MOL
which would crap out at the first (or second or third, depending on the
phase of the moon) keystroke. I'd blame the various hacks in my kernel
tree but plain 2.2.19 did the same (though I used the same .config
basically, so I blame that now).

>   I have a Powerbook '99 running smoothly, if I have to do 2.4 I assume
> using kernel.org's is not a good idea with PPC.

Nope, use BenH's or Paulus' rsync trees.

>   Can I hack out the MOL compile or should I just hit 2.4?

I'd say try 2.4 - 2.2 seems to have hit the end of its useful life for
powerpc. I'd be happy if BenH would correct me on this though :-)


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