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Re: debian on icebook (it can be done)

> OK, so text/plain is easier on your mail reader.  My point is that you
> shouldn't discriminate based on a completely *open* file format.  Once
> you make the necessary changes to mutt or whatever text email client
> you choose to use, you can forget that it is even html.

But this is e-mail, which per default mandates no fancy markup or layout
description stuff (or it won't be displayed right in all mail readers). So
there's really no need to use anything but text/plain (even
text/quoted-unreadable is a pain; ever tried to use a diff that came in
this format?)

Once you make the necessary changes ... For Pete's sake, do you really
think that's going to happen? The average Joe just won't know how to do

I think I'll set up procmail to have all text/html stuff stripped out of
the messages, or the message sent to /dev/null for proper rendering.


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