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Re: Booting 2.2r3 on iBook2

Ron Golan <rgolan@coalabs.com> writes:

> I was unable to boot this way from the Debian 2.2r3 CD on an iBook
> dual USB and I just tried it again. I just get a pure white screen,
> no boot: prompt or text of any sort.
> I can boot if I enter OpenFirmware and type:
> boot cd:\install\powermac\yaboot
> and then I do get a boot: prompt at which point I can type
> debian video=ofonly
> and boot into dbootstrap.

Right, I had the same experience.  Are the framebuffer patches going
to make it into the kernel for woody?  I really think we should either
do that, or add video=ofonly as part of the default yaboot setup.

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