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Re: nubus + debian

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 08:32:51PM -0500, Phil Frost wrote:
> Well, the problem does not seem to be booting or pathing kernels,
> as there are images and such on nubus-pmac.sf.net. The only problem
> is that for this to be usefull, I need some means of talking with
> the outside world. Right now I have a pcmcia ethernet card, but I'm
> assuming pcmcia doesn't work because nothing seems to work with this
> stupid laptop (someone please tell me it's not true!), and if it was
> supported, I bet my card, a mpc-10, isn't supported anyway :/ I don't
> even have a floppy drive (until I poke around on ebay) so without
> pc card ethernet I don't see any way to have a laptop anyway :)

Doesn't it have an external scsi port?  You can get an external scsi
hard drive and boot off of that for macOS, etc...

> Now, I'm a pretty good x86 hacker, and I'd like to try my hand at
> powerpc, but I'd need to repartition my disk and I don't know of any
> way to do that non-destructivly, so...if I make a disk image, throw
> that on a CD, repartition, boot off my macOS disk, mount the image,
> and copy my files back over, will my system be restored? Phew...that
> was a mouthfull...

Yes, that'll get everything except what was in nvram... which is only
needed for things like auto startup and stuff like that...  MacOS may
even restore those settings itself after the restore.

As long as the driver doesn't require dma and doesn't have endian
issues, it should work on ppc, AFAICT.


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