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Re: debian: Recommendation for scanner/printer/fax/copier

Try the Brother MFC-9600. It's a great value for the money. It's a laser printer, copier, and fax in one for only about $600 US. It's not network ready so you would have to hook it up to either a PC or one of those small HP JetDirect PrintServers. I don't think it has native postscript (that always seems to cost a lot more). I shopped around looking at HP, Xerox, Cannon and others, but nobody put the complete package (with laser) together for a price anywhere near the Brother model. That was about 6 mo. ago so there may be some newer models out there, but I doubt it.


Brendan J Simon wrote:

I'm running an Apple Titanium G4 and an Intel Pentium-II machine (both with Debian ofcourse). I would like to purchase a scanner but would also like to be able to do photocopies. I could use a computer to scan then print but that can be a bit inefficient. I was thinking of an all in one unit that HP, Cannon or maybe Brother produce. Are there any recommendations from other Linux users.

I would prefer a Laser printing engine but they seem harder to come by. I would also prefer a printer with inbuilt postscript (I always have seem to have problems with ghostscript). I think USB is the way to go though an ethernet connection would be even better.

If there is nothing suitable then recommendations on individual products would be greatly appreciated.

Brendan Simon.

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