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Getting PPP up with a Zyxel ISDN adapter

I'm giving Debian on PPC my first go, as my PC's power-supply unit started
giving out smoke yesterday, and I have work I need to get done that requiers

I've got a base2.2 install, and need to get the rest of the system via FTP,
but my ISDN adapter refuses to cooporate, or maybe the software does.

Using either 'pon Telenor' or 'pppd call Telenor' ("Telenor" is defined
using pppconfig), the modem lights up DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS as usual, but does
not call the ISP.  I can manualy send an ATDT command using echo >
/dev/ttyS0, but chat/pppd does not seem to manage the same...

Thanx in advance!

- Knut S.

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