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Re: "Can't read superblock" booting 2.4.anything"

"John Andersen" <john@bridgenet.cc> writes:

> For some reason, any 2.4 kernel I try and boot (I've compiled two
> from Benh's tree, and got 1 deb from walters and 1 deb from Jonas) I
> get the same error:
> it tells me it can't read the superblock, make sure I have a valid partion,
> etc and throughs me into single user mode.  If I try and fsck it tells me
> the file or directory doesn't exist, yet I can mount it and see everything.
> e.g.:

Duh!  I should have realized this earlier.  The problem is devfs,
which both benh and I have enabled by default, and apparently Jonas
does as well.

You have three choices.  Add 'devfs=nomount' to the append= options
for these kernels, or rebuild without devfs support, or do 'apt-get
install devfsd' (assuming you're running testing/sid).

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