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boot-floppies 3.0.7 for powermac

since it seems powerpc boot-floppies 3.0.7 were never built i have
uploaded a cvs snapshot build for powermac only (sorry uploading 33MB
over dialup is not my idea of ammusing). 

its available at:

this is pretty much the same as the 3.0.7 release, it does have my
addition for support to install base via floppies, you can find base
floppy images for powerpc, i386, sparc, and m68k in ~eb/debian/$arch,
along with basedebs.tgz files which are not yet directly supported by
dbootstrap (debootstrap will accept them fine).  

if you want to test, but require basedebs.tgz support you can fake it
pretty easily:

when you get to the `install base system' step switch to VC2 and do
the following:

cd /usr/sbin
mv debootstrap debootstrap.real
cat <<EOF
exec debootstrap.real --boot-floppies --arch powerpc --unpack-tarball \
	/target/basedebs.tgz woody /target null:
chmod 755 debootstrap

then switch back to VC1 and select `Install Base System' tell it to
install via the network with default/fake/bogus network settings
(since they will be ignored by our wrapper).  it will run the wrapper
which calls debootstrap with the args we want, dbootstrap will be none
the wiser and configures the base correctly after debootstrap exits.

substitute /target/basedebs.tgz with whatever the path is to the
basedebs.tgz tarball.  

Ethan Benson

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