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Re: nVidia support: Where to start?

In <00d101c10b37$789b6040$86f09486@redgum>, on 07/13/01 
   at 11:02 AM, Tony Arnold <tony_mailinglists@mac.com> said:

>My internal modem works fine under kernel 2.4.7-pre3 - it links up to

I think I have a snakebite (I'm not up on the Apple terminology, so I
don't know if thats correct.  I says snakebit when I do a printenv in of.)
Anyway its a new 64 533 dual purchased a couple months ago.  It has the
AGP, PC-133 ram and 100mhz system bus I think.  I also have the Nvida
GForce card.

Could that have the same modem as yours?


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