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Re: benh 2.4.6 kernel

>Is anyone else out there using a recentish benh 2.4.6 kernel with a
>TiBook?  2.4.4 from a while ago worked fine for me for pretty much
>everything, but 2.4.6 kills the machine when I close the lid.
>I would just stick with 2.4.4, except that it locks the machine when I
>try to build the Debian boot-floppies, I believe when the build
>process makes a loopback device.

Could you resync again ? Sleep is supposed to work with my current
kernels on the TiBook, if it's still locking up your box, some
investigations will be needed.

Note that if you are using DRI in X, you should also make sure
you enable APM emulation (a new option in my kernels), and that
you create /dev/apm_bios

  mknod /dev/apm_bios c 10 134

Note: If the lockup still happen, does it happen while in X,
in console mode, or both ? Do you have any device plugged
(USB, firewire, pcmcia ?)

Also, does sleep work with older kernels ? (you have the proper hacks
to pmud scripts for sleep to work properly on core99) ?


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