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Re: do modules work with 2.4.x kernels?

"Frederick V. Heitkamp" <heitkamp@pc1.attglobal.net> writes:

> I don't know what I'm running.  I got a Debian PPC CD.  I think it
> has 2.2r3 or something; whatever that is.

Then you're running "potato", the stable Debian release.

> I looked in the sid binary-powerpc directory on Debian.org.  
> There's nothing in there as far as .debs.

Well, that's because packages are set up in a pool now, and the
Packages file in binary-powerpc just points to the right packages in
the pool.  Check out the pool/ directory on your local Debian mirror.

> AFAIK no debian distribution has the latest 2.4.x kernels.  It seems
> to me that 2.4.6 has really been a major improvement.  All the
> thinks I care about seem to work very well/stable in it.

Well, kernel-image-2.4.4 is in sid, as well as kernel-source-2.4.5.
"sid" is the unstable Debian distribution.

> I am more than willing to install .debs if I can find them.  Thanks
> for the tips on building them from sources.  I'd like to install
> using the debian install system.  I'd like to know how to make my
> own .debs is there a HOWTO somewhere that explains the procedures in
> terms even simpletons like me could follow?

Well, there's a fair amount of documentation at:


As for this specific case, just follow the instructions I gave in my
previous mail for building a package.  One issue you might run into is
that a package "Build-Depends" on a newer package than you have.  If
you're lucky, you can just grab the source for that package, build and
install it, then build and install the package you were working on.
If you're unlucky, and one of the packages it Build-Depends: on is
debhelper, which Depends: on perl 5.6, then you're basically screwed,
and it's better to just upgrade to woody or sid.

What I would do if I was you is to take Ethan's suggestion and get the
source for Adrian Bunk's backport of packages needed for 2.4.x on
potato, and then rebuild those for PowerPC.  I'd ask on
debian-user@lists.debian.org if you need more help with that, unless
it's PowerPC-specific, in which case asking here would be good.

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