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Re: benh 2.4.6 kernel

>AFAIK the airport unload hack is no longer required with 2.4 kernels
>(what's with 2.2.19?). If Ben says 2.4 sleep support on Core99 is stable,
>I'll just have to check the kernel version number and either shutdown or
>sleep. If someone backports the Core99 sleep code to 2.2, the better.

2.2.19 don't have an up-do-date airport driver. Sleep support on
core99 appear to be stable with my tree and with bk _2_4_devel tree
if you don't enable the thermal management. You need my tree's APM
emulation if you plan to use DRI, or X may lockup when going to sleep.

Note that pmud should also detect the new /proc/pmu and use battery
infos from here instead of polling the PMU. Don't implement that immediately
as I may still change the format of /proc/pmu in the upcoming days, it
will be stable once pushed to bk _2_4_devel.

Porting to 2.2 may be a bit tricky as a lot of code is involved in the
sleep process (a lot of drivers are affected).


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