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Re: nVidia support: Where to start?

In <008601c10b32$b756bd70$86f09486@redgum>, on 07/13/01 
   at 10:28 AM, Tony Arnold <tony_mailinglists@mac.com> said:

>Thanks for the speedy reply Michael!

>There's enough people out there with AGP GeForce cards in their G4's that
>something really needs to happen...I was thinking the 'nv' driver as well
>what real benefit do console drivers actually offer XFree86?

>Oooh :) Now I'm excited about learning! Everything else runs wonderfully
>on my DP G4, if I can get XFree86 running, I will be a happy person.

Then you can start on the internal modem.  ....Just kidding.  Thanks for
your work.

BTW I can help test.  Will updating from the sourceforge XFree sources get
your work?


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