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Keyboard update...

Okay, so an update on my X issues.  The command key's keycode was
apparently changed to be the same as the windows key on PC keyboards.
This is fine, however I like it to be the Meta key.  I also noticed a
nice feature that I hadn't know of before.

On the powerbook keyboards, if you hold the fn key and press any of
the modifier keys (control, alt, or command), it generates the _R
version of said modifier key.  This is really cool -- more modifier
keys to bind to Hyper, Super, etc. (good for emacs users short of
modifier keys, IMHO).

So, here's my new .xmodmap:

---- snip ----
keycode 64 = Alt_L
keycode 115 = Meta_L
keycode 109 = Hyper_L
keycode 113 = Super_L

clear control
add control = Control_L

clear mod1
clear mod2
add mod1 = Meta_L
add mod2 = Hyper_L
add mod3 = Alt_L
add mod4 = Super_L
---- snip ----

I still seem to have the problem where putting my powerbook to sleep
while in X guarantees that it doesn't wake up, however.  If I have
time I'll try and figure out why.  It happens with or without
UseFBDev, btw. (if that makes a difference)


Josh Huber                                   | huber@debian.org |

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