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Re: debian on icebook (it can be done)

On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 06:06:11PM -0500, Charles Sebold wrote:
> simple, stupid" (the stupid is not aimed at you or him, it's just a
> saying).  Besides, sometimes you don't have X11.  I use my system as
> much from terminals as I do at the console.  I'm doing this in a tty
> even as we speak.

i read all my mail on the console and not from X

> RTF, for most people, has to be compiled from source or a GUI, as does
> PostScript or PDF.  What a hassle.

precisly.  mail is simple standard involving sending plain text, as it
should be.  if you need more `features' you should compose your
presentation in some other program and send an attachment.

> (Not trying to start a fight, just explaining my position.  And I note
> that Ethan Benson just went to the trouble of "plonk"-ing the OP.  If
> you are sending to this list in a format which won't be read by the
> most avid and helpful poster, maybe it's time to reconsider your
> format.)

besides 99% of html i get is spam, it makes for a very efficient spam
filter.  right now i just do it by eye, [ -- html -- ] *delete*
but a procmail recipe to route all html mail to /dev/null would be

Ethan Benson

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