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configuring X for Lime iMac (have tried many things...)

i have a successful debian install on my iMac...which alone is extremely
i have been unsuccessful though in locating or configuring X windows
i have tried both woody & potato with anXious. xf86config doesn't seem to
i got an RPM of Xautoconfig from the YellowDog dist, but rpm/alien/librpm
that it will only work with major revs. i don't understand the error.

has anyone gotten X windows successfully configured on an iMac? could you
me a working XF86Config file? or is there an X guru somewhere who could help
me configure it myself. i've put a lot of time into it and the config file
too cryptic for me to do by hand. have tried a lot of different things. any
help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

thanx in advance,

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