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Beige G3; Kernel 2.4.6; SUCESS (dropped network connection)


    here to tell you about the lastest kernel (benh´s tree via rsync) I
installed on my Beige G3:

1) Aparently fixed the problems with the BMAC Ethernet (see "dropped network
connection" thread). It´s already up for 33 minutes (laughable, but 2.2.19
kept up for 5 minutes max).
2) Fixed the audio mixer somewhat. (I can actually use it now...). The
little yellow LED for the microphone, on the monitor, actually lights up
when I press the corresponding button, but I still can´t use the mic.
3) General speedup. Much, much faster. X is noticeably faster (I haven´t
tuned XFConfig, tho..., and can´t figure out how to use X-anything because
of the 1 button mouse)
4) Speedup of at least 50% raw performance with my web application (Apache
plus real heavy use of PostgreSQL and PHP). This is awesome!!! I can´t
figure out why it´s sooo much faster (the same is not true for x86, where an
upgrade from 2.2.19 to 2.4.6 brought performance up about 5%).
5) Much faster boot-up time.

I love it. Many thanks to everyone who helped me in the process of getting
it to work!!!
Let´s see if it keeps stable this way...


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