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Getting Sound to work

Hello all,

I've got two problems with sound, actually. The first one is a mystery. I'm 
running KDE, and I've got sound support in the kernel enabled. I read a 
message in a previous post, from about 3-6 months ago, that talked about KDE 
not having a working sound server for debian-powerpc. Is that still true? 
It's a mystery because the System Bell works in the K -> Preferences -> Sound 
panel. When I perform echo a random sound to /dev/audio, I hear just the 
barest of clicking noises....I tried to use xmms, but it tells me that it 
can't open audio. 

Part II Just for fun, I wanted to see if I could play a CD. But, for some 
reason, I'm unable to mount my CD player. mount /dev/cdrom gives me the 
message: mount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist. What can I do about 

I'm running woody on my Beige G3/266...

Thanks for the help!


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