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Re: nVidia support: Where to start?

>> So your best chance would be to reverse engineer either the macos or
>windows driver, and try to get something out of it.
>Set your email client to wrap lines, would ya'?  And don't be daft. 
>Nvidia just released their latest driver for X4 for x86 linux that
>supports not only their new GeForce3 but also their fancy hardware
>assisted anti-aliasing schtuff.  Reverse engineering that would be
>butt loads easier than the Windows or (gag>) MacOS drivers.

Well, do you have any idea of how tricky it is to reverse engineer such
a driver ? I don't think anyone skilled enough to do it wants to waste
so much time just because nVidia is not playing fair with binary only
drivers and no support for non-x86. Let's just buy other cards and let
them know _why_ we buy other cards.

>> DRI/drm/OpenGL is by no means a trivial undertaking, even when you have
>specs available, so good luck to you.
>It's certainly not my field.  You'd be a legend if you got it done
>for the PPC or better yet portable so PCI machines might even be
>able to use it. <-duck->

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