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Re: dropped network connection

I have exactly the same problem. Exact same hardware configuration. Kernel
2.2.19 tho. I just built a 2.4.5 and gonna see if it fixes it (will know for
sure, because mine "gives up networking" every 2-10 minutes.).
For now what I do (in despair, because the machine is near-production
website) is add a crontab for root user, which does a
"/etc/init.d/networking restart" every 10 minutes (0/10 * * * *
/etc/init.d/networking restart) in crontab. Ugly!!

Also does anyone know how can I determine which PCI Ethernet cards will work
with the Beige G3? I have a couple of spare x86 PCI 8139´s, and 3C50x´s...

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Subject: dropped network connection

> I just finished installing Debian on a Mac PowerPC G3 (beige, 266 MhZ
> processor, 128 MB RAM right now, ethernet etc...). It's on a
> University network, and has a statiic IP address and a full-time
> connection.
> The kernel I built from the 2.2.9 source...I probably need to build a
> new one from the 2.4.5 source at some point soon...but I'll cross
> that bridge once I get to it....
> However, it has this strange problem -- it will occasionally, without
> warning or explanation, decide that it doesn't want to be on the
> network and simply kill all connections and daemons. Most recently
> this happened about an hour ago, when I had 3 active connections: an
> ssh connection (I installed OpenSSL/OpenSSH from source, rather than
> use the .deb versions -- call me neurotic, it's cool, cause I am); an
> ftp connection (standard ftpd from apt-get); and a web connection
> (again, apache from apt-get).
> And then everything dropped, the ssh session ended, the web session
> ended, the ftp session ended, and now the machine won't respond to
> pings, shows no open ports when I scan it, and you can't get a
> connection using any service.
> And, it is also 1000 miles away, so I can't just go reboot it. I can
> go tell someone else to go reboot it, but I'm going to hold off until
> I have an idea what to change.
> It's got a UPS, so the power is still on. And nmap reports that the
> machine is reachable, just has no open ports -- that is, the kernel
> is reporting that all of the ports are closed when nmap scans them.
> Which means, I think, that the box is still running and that the OS
> is up.
> This happened with another Debian box that I was running quite a
> while ago, and I never did manage to fix it...but this machine is
> slated to become a web and database server, so that's not really an
> option.
> So I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts/ideas why this might have
> happened, and how I might go about fixing it...
> Thanks,
> Ian
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