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Re: nVidia support: Where to start?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >> So your best chance would be to reverse engineer either the macos or
> >windows driver, and try to get something out of it.
> >
> >Set your email client to wrap lines, would ya'?  And don't be daft.
> >Nvidia just released their latest driver for X4 for x86 linux that
> >supports not only their new GeForce3 but also their fancy hardware
> >assisted anti-aliasing schtuff.  Reverse engineering that would be
> >butt loads easier than the Windows or (gag>) MacOS drivers.
> Well, do you have any idea of how tricky it is to reverse engineer such
> a driver ? I don't think anyone skilled enough to do it wants to waste
> so much time just because nVidia is not playing fair with binary only
> drivers and no support for non-x86. Let's just buy other cards and let
> them know _why_ we buy other cards.

As a matter of fact I do know how f-ing hard it is.  Perhaps I've
been misunderstood, however.  I was only recommending doing that
instead of reverse engineering a windows driver.  I completely
agree, buy some other card!  A Radeon is plenty fast enough, IMHO! 
Doesn't ATI make one o' them fancy cards with two (2) Radeons on it,
for double the pleasure?  Christ, I've got to quit hacking and get
some sleep.


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