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Re: benh 2.4.6 kernel

>	mfpvr	r24			/* check if we are on a G4 */
>	srwi	r24,r24,16
>	cmpwi	r24,PVR_7400@h
>	beq	3f			/* continue */
>	mflr	r24
>	bl	msr_vec_debug		/* debug thingy in process.c */
>	mtlr	r24
>	blr
>I think PVR_7400 is the unshifted value?  (Also, the TiPB uses a 7410,
>so what is the right comparison?)  Anyway, without this check, sleep
>seems to be fine in both console and X11 mode.

This code is wrong anyway as the CPU features mecanism should replace
PVR compares. I'll get that fixed. I don't know however if that is
the cause of the problem as it doesn't crash on mu Pismo which will
obviously fail that comparison too.


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