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I just got a part time job where I'm working with powerpc's at work.  We are 
currently running yellow dog linux on our servers.  I'd like to convert to 
debian but I'd like to try it out on a non critical machine first.  Packed 
back in the closet they have a couple of powerpc 6100/60 computers with zip 
and cd-roms.  

Being a complete newbie to macintosh's I was wondering if I downloaded the 
debian-ppc distro how it would fair on these machines?  I don't have a clue 
as to what the hard drive or ram  is like yet (the system administrator says 
he thinks the hard drives are only 40MB but he's not sure, no documentation 
in sight).  

In addition, if you guys could point me to some FM so I can RT that would be 
great.  (we also have about 5 old Macs that only have floppy drives, if this 
turns out ok, maybe I can convince him to give them to me;-)  can you say 
cluster experiment;-)

Anyway, any help or pointers you guys have would be great, especially with 
regard to the 6100/60s.


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