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Re: backdown JDK / XWindows

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Damien GUIHAL wrote:

> The problem I have is that when Swing windows opens, it gets very
> often oversized (and so widgets inside) in height, so much that its
> heigher than my screen, I mailed blackdown but I got nearly no
> response. For information, I use the debian testing on a black&White
> G4 400 PPC.

Are you referring to the case where a Swing or AWT program will open a
window that covers the entire screen, and the title bar is off the top of
the screen?

This often comes from a difference between how X and Windows handle
setting the size of the window.  In Windows, the size of the window
includes the decorations, wheras is X it doesn't.  So a Swing program
written and tested solely on Windows will often try to set itself the to
the size of the screen, with the result that the content area covers the
screen and the window decorations are offscreen, and inacessible.  If you
have access to the source code, you can fix this behavior by using the
insets attribute on the Frame and doing some calculation.  If you don't
have source code, you'll just have to complain to the program authors...


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