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Re: nVidia support: Where to start?

Tony Arnold wrote:

> I'm thinking of trying to "fix" nVidia support on ppc, but I have absolutely
> no idea where I should start. Would I be better off trying to fix 'rivafb'
> in the kernel, or the 'nv' driver in XFree86?

It depends if you want to use console or X. ;)

> I know very little about coding, so I'm not interested in 3D/advanced
> feature support at this stage,

You wouldn't get the chance, even with the best coding skills.

> but I would like to be able to use my GeForce2MX at decent resolutions with
> 32-bit colour.

Good luck... And I mean it.

> Could the gurus and non-gurus alike please enlighten me? Which driver would
> be more 'proper' to fix?

If I had to deal with this (I'm glad I don't) I'd start with the XFree86 nv
driver because it offers more benefit (decent 2D acceleration, XVideo, ...) .

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