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Re: Debian PPC Installation

On Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 04:14:44PM -0500, samuel rose wrote:
> I've got two machines. One is a PPC 7500 with an internal 1 Gb drive,
> and an external 4 Gb scsi drive. I've also got a B&W G3 300mhz with a
> 6Gb internal drive.
> On the Blue and White, I was hoping to buy external firewire drives to
> boot from, while leaving mac OS 9.0 on the internal drive. Does Debian
> PPC support firewire drives? Will the machine boot from a firewire
> drive? IAnyone know where I can find some documentation on this?

no, the Linux kernel does not support Apple's IEEE1394 hardware yet.
much less booting.  i don't think that the version of OpenFirwmare in
the blue G3s allows booting from firewire, ask apple for a firmware

> On the PPC 7500, I would like to Install Debian on the 4Gb external
> drive, and BSD on the 1 Gb internal drive, and no macOS at all.  After
> reading through the installation manual quite a few times, I am guessing
> that the easiest way to install Debian onto the external drive is to
> install a base macOS on a partition, and then install debian? I have

use quik, it works on those machines you don't need macos.  

woody boot-floppies (cvs build at penguinppc.org/~eb/debian/powerpc/)
should be able to setup OF on that machine to boot correctly.

> been looking for some online documentation that is concise enough for me
> to understand, as I have never installed debian on anything, and
> previous experience with linux and bsd was on intel hardware. Any advice
> on where to look for documentation?


Ethan Benson

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