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Re: Endless loop

> > But, just for fun, I duplicated the command you sent me, and the output I
> > get is:

> Doh!  First you have to solve your problem, then try the new
> command!  Try ejecting the floppy, it sounds like a "hardware"
> problem.  Like maybe the kernel missed an interrupt or the floppy
> drive is stuck on a bad floppy; whatever.  Get the disk out and try
> again.
I know... That's why I put the "just for fun" comment in there. I knew better 
than that.  ;-) 

I'm running a 2.2.19 kernel... The last time I tried to move up to a 2.4 
kernel, it killed my video, and didn't even get as far as mounting any disk 
partitions, near as I could tell. Maybe I'll have more success this time...


> a

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