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Re: Kaffe for woody

On Sun, Jul 15, 2001 at 01:52:10AM +0200, Leandro Noferini wrote:

> Ciao a tutti,
> I am trying to install kaffe on my woody, to use freenet.
> I need to compile it because I can't find any package but I get always
> this error:
> System.c: In function `java_lang_System_initProperties':
> System.c:418: invalid type argument of `->'
> make[3]: *** [System.lo] Error 1
> Any solution for me?

This bug (and many others since 1.0.6) was fixed in Kaffe CVS Tree.  Get
latest snapshot at http://egp.free.fr/kaffe

BTW, I'm studying a strange problem of Kaffe under NetBSD/PowerPC.  As
soon as I have finish that, I will restart my coding of JIT for PowerPC :-)
Edouard G. Parmelan

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