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Re: looking for sponsor for gpmudmon-applet

Grant Hollingworth <grant@antiflux.org> writes:

> The one I grabbed from
> http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/~walters/debian/sid/ has problems with
> the Crux GTK theme. 

That's the same one I'm looking for a sponsor for :)

> It could also be a problem with Crux, or with my installation of
> it. Anyway, gpmudmon-applet won't load while Crux is the active
> theme. I can change the theme, load gpmudmon-applet, and then change
> the theme back. It's a bit of a hassle.
> Has anyone else had this problem?

Well, I tried and failed to get the Crux theme to run on my system,
and upstream for gpmudmon seems to have dropped off the face of the

Jun 30 18:17:04 space-ghost postfix/smtp[20712]: C7CF0A36C9: to=<Uwe.Steinmann@fernuni-hagen.de>, relay=none, delay=17670, status=bounced (fernuni-hagen.de: host not found)


Jul  2 16:05:45 space-ghost postfix/smtp[28696]: 80454A35E2: to=<uwe@steinmann.cx>, relay=none, delay=224, status=deferred (connect to steinmann.cx[]: Connection timed out)

But if I get a chance soon, I'll look at it.  I'd tell you to file a
bug report, but it isn't part of Debian yet :/

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