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RE: configuring X for Lime iMac (have tried many things...)

first off. thanx for all the input. the X config file helped, as did the
APT archive. i am very close now. the Mouse does not work at all, and the
Keyboard is incorrectly mapped and only kicks out garbage. more information
on specifics below, but this is where i need help.

fyi update:

i have a "LIME" iMac (this should tell you what version).

the horiz/vert sync that i am successfully using is:
	HORIZ SYNC: 60.015
	VERT REFRESH: 75.03-117.233
hope this helps some other people out.

i did have to do a clean install of debian woody, which was probably good
as i had corrupted dselect. also, did a clean install of XFree86 4.1.0
via the Xinstall.sh and downloaded all tgz's from ftp.xfree86.org. the
version that came with Woody did not correctly setup startx or xinit.
did anyone else have problems with this? if so, should submit a bug report.

ended up using xf86config to get a working /etc/X11/XF86Config but the
file probvided by Adam Goode worked (with minor modifications) as well.

currently...can't get the keyboard correctly mapped or the mouse to be
recognized at all. i have a 266mhz LIME iMac with 97 keys on the keyboard
(not including the power button.) i have a 1-button (*frown*) round iMac
mouse. i will look around for the correct configuration elsewhere, but
any direction is most appreciated!


ps: there was some side comments on rpms for debian. please look at
the "alien" program and corresponding documentation. alternately, you
can generally pull down source and compile. for the specific program
i wanted (Xautoconfig) I could not get the source to compile. if this
program works (which the YellowDog guys insist that it does) then that
would greatly ease the pain for all Mac users setting up X. anyone want
to tackle putting it into a .deb? thoughts?

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=>crombie wrote:
=>> has anyone gotten X windows successfully configured on an iMac?
=>could you
=>> send me a working XF86Config file? or is there an X guru
=>somewhere who could
=>> help me configure it myself. i've put a lot of time into it and
=>the config
=>> file is too cryptic for me to do by hand.
=>The 4.1.0 test packages at
=>http://people.debian.org/~branden/woody/APT should
=>take most configuration off your hands.
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