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how to make a 7220 boot with quik


I finally found out how to make my 7220/200 boot with quik correctly. 

The problem with the ide causing a hard lock was overcome with some advice I
ogt a few weeks ago suggesting I have ide0=reset and ide1=reset on the kernel
command line, when I tried this it never worked.

I finally tried igorning the append stuff in yaboot today and changing my 
boot-file variable innvram to have more than just

'/boot/vmlinux-2.4.4 root=/dev/hda6' I also added some more kernel comand line
arguemtns here as the kernel seemed to ignore whatever I put in quikc.conf

Turns out this is where the 7220 needs command line arguments currently. (I
will send my device tree to ethan soon now I finally have the system booted
properly under quik)

so now I have

nvsetenv boot-file '/boot/vmlinux-2.4.4 root=/dev/hda6 ide0=reset ide1=reset video=atyfb:vmode:12'

and now it boot,s of course the keyboard doesnt work currnetly and the dmesg
reports no adb interface detected or some such, I am going to try setting up
hid stuff fully and see if it works then.

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