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Re: nubus + debian

On Tuesday, July 10, 2001, at 08:30 PM, Phil Frost wrote:
Does anyone have any experience with nubus?

Takashi Oe and friends have done wonders with nubus PowerMac.

go to the nubus homepage              http://nubus-pmac.sourceforge.net/

I've got a 7100/66 running Debian 2.2r3 and it is very stable doing things like Zope and icecast.
Not so stable with other stuff (G3 newertech works, Sonnet G3 cards don't)
. Join or research the linuxppc-nubus mailing list.

I'm waiting on some parts so I can start turning pmac7100 into an IRfilter.
(Human + IRremoteControl sends one code out, nubus-pmac receives and sends out as many IR signals as necessary to set a pile of AV equipment to watch the SatelliteFeed, or listen to radio, or ...)

Current performance suggests I should be able to turn it into an MP3jukeboxAppliance as well. My few performance problems are more likely my lack of knowledge rather than lack of processor power.


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