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2.4.15 kernel 3d support on pismo About threads support in libssl-dev at powerpc Debian port ALERT Viru - Magister.B and an insomniac pismo (with 2.4.14-pre5-ben0) Any PPC Java JIT compiler project around ? Base system stalls during boot be psyched bootable CD? Bootable offical Debian-CD boot-floppies 3.0.16 + kernel 2.4.12-ben0 = success + bugs boot no powermac 7300 boot - powermac 7300 : in english now... sorry. Re: Bug#116780: util-linux: hwclock shouldn't be run Re: Bug#119081: nano: On Oldworld PowerPC, nano freezes machine when help is being displayed Bugreport Re: Buildd Failures Buildd Failures Update bye bye debian list! Can I upload ptex-bin to ppc and/or sparc? Can't get java working with Airport Configurator Can't run yaboot under 2.4 kernels Re: [ Testing/woody boot/root disk problem: MACE is broken.] Re: Compiling kernel on iMac for the first time.. Could I ask a favor of someone? date problems Debian and Powerbook Titanium Re: [Debian] IrDA-patched binaries debian on rs/6000 debian-power_NOT_PC debian-powerpc: closer to solving sawfish crash on TiBook debian-powerpc: configuring the airport debian-powerpc: how do I run a java app desperately searching for superblocks Detecting state of iBook gmac ethernet e2fsck - file system revision to high for this version Re: Emacs on MacOS Endless Problems with XF86Config, what am I doing wrong? ext3 anyone? filesystem for shared disk fnset utility on lombard, and fn/Ctrl swapping Font advice needed Freeware for the AS400: CAT produces a catalog of files in a library. French keymap on PowerBook Titanium French keymap on TiBook ? Re: French keymap on TiBook : SOLVED Fun with gpm. [Fwd: Re: smb filesystem support in benh_2.4.5-pre3] Re: G3's, G4's, Altivec, DVD's, iBooks, and TiBooks gcc in woody? gdb german keymap for old ibook Re: german keymap for old iBook get_hardsect_size not exported Gnome, Wmaker and AfterStep problems headless G4 Cube with serial console Heaven! HFS+ status IBM 6015-0U0 Installation Procedure iBook 2001: what are the Kernel options for networking? iBook2: Screen litter again iBook2 VGA mirror iBook internal modem experiences? iBook + Modem ... ide-floppy vs devfs IEEE1394 video Re: Installation Success on PowerPC SMP G4 w/ ADC monitor - but whence GLX? Installation Success on PowerPC SMP G4 w/ ADC monitor - but whence GLX? installation success using 3.0.16 on iBook Dual USB / HOWTO install guide for ppc-mac installing from ftp Install problem: system freeze at PPP config IrDA-patched binaries kdebase kdelibs3 upgrade problem Kernel 2.4 - serial/internal modem problem kernel BUG at page_alloc.c:160! with fsck Kernel crashing problems on oldworld Kernel Panic with mac-fdisk: It's reproducible... Re: Kernel Panic with mac-fdisk: More Info Keyboard problem with Woody kups questions ldconfig error Re: libXrender bug crashes OpenOffice Mac-On-Linux? MacOS/MaxOSX/Debian install order Re: Mapping cmd to alt in X with linux keycodes mingetty respawing too fast missing package on http debian site Mo longer memory question, now just 'startx' more info urgently needed on this bug report mozilla problem on ppc Mundane question about memory needed nano: On Oldworld PowerPC, nano freezes machine when help is being displayed Nautilus unstable install fails.Bug? Need 2.4.9-benh0 snapshot or diff new ibook - potato 2.2r4 - image not found New TiBook 550 w/Radeon Mobility question Next problem on the road to iBook Debian Linux Now Apple has it's winmodem ;( odd backspace behaviour sometimes in X Old 3 button MouseMan Open Firmware and booting using quik Open Firmware - what can I do with it? The last update was on 20:14 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 807 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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