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About threads support in libssl-dev at powerpc Debian port

Hi all

Please, CC me, i am not subscribed to debian-powerpc.

I am the kannel Debian package maintanier.

Kannel is a wap and sms gateway. It has the posibility to use ssl to
cypher communications between the mobile wap phone and the gateway.
Kannel needs threads support in ssl.

I have an open bug that stats for not support for multithreading in
openssl at some architectures, so, kannel can not be built with ssl
support. Powerpc is one of the architectures where kannel fails to be

I have seen the voltaire.debian.org libssl-dev config and in the
/usr/include/openssl/opensslconf.h file there is no support for threads.
/* opensslconf.h */
/* WARNING: Generated automatically from opensslconf.h.in by Configure. */

/* OpenSSL was configured with the following options: */
   /* no ciphers excluded */
*************************************** HERE, not defined THREADS
   # ifndef DSO_DLFCN
   #  define DSO_DLFCN
   # endif
   # ifndef HAVE_DLFCN_H
   #  define HAVE_DLFCN_H
   # endif

I would like to know if there is a special reason for openssl at powerpc
not having threads support.

I have mailed the libssl-dev maintainer, Christoph Martin, but i have no
response from him.

Thanks for your help.
Andres Seco Hernandez - http://andressh.alamin.org
AndresSH@alamin.org     -      AndresSH@debian.org
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alrededores      -      http://www.gulalcarria.org
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