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Re: Mundane question about memory needed

Changing the VM settings in MacOS will have no effect when you boot up the
7600 in linux. You will definatelly need more ram to run X comfortably but
in lieu of more ram you should probably make a swap partition of about 
50mb.  As for your kernel panic I would be very supprised if it had
anything to do with the amount of memory in your sytem. I am guessing that
it has to with your X configuration && the fb drivers compiled or not
compiled into your kernel or not loading at boot.  Not sure what fb driver
the 7600 should use off hand though.

Tom Hallaran
Washington University Genome Sequencing Center

On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Mike Yukish wrote:

> Hola Amigos,
> I am a Linux newbie, and I just managed to get the Debian 2.2 R3 booted up 
> on my PowerMac 7600/120. Tried to do 'startx' and the kernel paniced. I 
> loaded the Gnome package on the initial installation.
> Before I go any further in troubleshooting, I should mention I only have 16 
> MB RAM, and selected 16 MB virtual ram in the Mac control panel. Would it 
> crash for not enough RAM? I'm going to buy more anyway, but I was curious 
> if that could be the cause right there, and not fiddle with the software 
> until I do get the RAM.
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