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Re: installation success using 3.0.16 on iBook Dual USB / HOWTO

On Saturday 10 November 2001 11:25, Branden Robinson wrote:
> http://people.debian.org/~branden/ibook.html

I've done more-or-less the same on a 600Mhz iBook, and I only wish I'd
had this document 2 weeks ago.  I am glad you've saved me the effort
of writing it, however.

You mention putting the inital install kernel on hd:9, the partition
you'll subsequently delete and replace with proiper Linux partitions.
Does that really work?  

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have for me: after exiting mac-fdisk I got
a "Kernel Panic: Exception in kernel pc signal 4" message and had to
reboot with the downloaded woody yaboot/kernel/etc.  I installed
twice, and this happened both times (someone else told me this
happened to them with an earlier white iBook).  Luckily for me, the
Debian kernel, and yaboot, and so on, were still on my MacOS parttion
(formerly hd:10, now hd:14); if I had put them on the new Debian
partition, I would have had to download them again.

Two things you might to explicitly warn people about:

  Once you've set up the MacOS partitions with the "Apple Drive Setup"
  tool you must NOT alter your HFS partitions from mac-fdisk (or they
  will no longer be working HFS partitions).

  Once you have created your Linux partitions in mac-fdisk you must
  NOT use the "Apple Drive Setup" tool because it will take one look
  at your drive, decide it is corrupt, and the only thing it can do
  for you is to wipe your whole hard disk and start over.

Anyway, I'm sure that document will save a lot of people a lot of
pain.  I look forward to anything you might have to say about X.


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