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Re: Buildd Failures

> > > Did you set something up to coordinate load sharing WRT the logs? Is that
> > > even necessary these days?
> >
> > It doesn't seem to be.  I need help with investigating and bug-filing
> > on failure logs, which people like Steven have been doing a wonderful

Great. I'm keeping myself busy with m68k, then.

> > job of.  With the exception of the occasional offline holiday (like
> > this coming weekend :) I've been easily able to keep up.
> It would be very nice if there was a way I could annotate the failure
> logs to note that a bug has been filed. The manual method I'm using now
> stinks <http://marenka.net/buildd/wkgppc.txt>. :-)

What you'd need is some way to add information to the build database, not
the logs (such as number of bug filed, so Dan can immediately see if a
particular package bug has been fixed by an upload so it makes sense to
try that package again).

Both the logs and the database are kept on a project machine, meaning
you'd need to become a developer to get access (unless there are
Indirect manipulation of the database is possible via mail interface on
the autobuilder. I believe the mail engine currently refuses to further
add information to packages in state failed (expecting them to be in state
building) but I've not tried recently... Nope, doesn't work. That might be
a thing to try - change check_state(Building) to check_state(Building,
Failed) for fail replies.


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