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iBook internal modem experiences?

Can someone toss me a clue or two on getting the internal modem working
under Debian on my iBook Dual USB (a.k.a. 2001)?

I'm using kernel-image-2.2.20-powermac.  The kernel sees two serial
devices according to dmesg, on /dev/tty00 and tty01.

I've grepped the list archives of this list and cannot find anyone else
with my specific problem.  pppd and chat can talk to either of
/dev/ttyS{0,1}, but no "OK" is returned after ATZ or AT is sent.

My dmesg output looks like other dmesg output reported to this list
about serial devices on iBooks and TiBooks, except that the
parenthetical bit at the end ("port = modem" or whatever) is not

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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