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Freeware for the AS400: CAT produces a catalog of files in a library.

	FREEWARE: AS400 Library Catalog Software (source included.) As thanks for visiting our web site at 
www.rapidfire400.com, we would like you to have our ?CAT? Freeware package. 

	You can use ?CAT? to gather information about the files in a library and print reports;
 by Date Last Used,
 by File Size,
 by File Name. 

	We have included the source code with CAT. We used RapidFire400 to automatically generate the 
programs for the reports.

How would you like to cut your applications development time in half?
What if your programmers could produce RPG ILE code for reports and file manipulations in a tenth of the time 
it now takes them? Our program generator is easy to learn and run. If you know AS400 query, there is almost no 
learning curve! Rapidfire400 takes AS400 Query definitions and creates source programs ready for testing!

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