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Re: iBook2 VGA mirror

> > > I suspect that's misconfiguration of the chip so it doesn't generate a
> > > proper hsync signal. I've not found a clue yet (Rage M1 on ix86, I think
> > > the iBook uses a M1, too?).
> > 
> > Nope, M3. What baffles me is that it works in console but not X.
> Same problem, only BenH hacked the magic. My hsync guess wasn't based on
> experimental evidence anyway (I'll have to hook up a scope to the display
> cable sometime to decide that). 
> What baffles me is that it works at all :-) X might be using a rather odd
> hsync frequency for the panel, maybe that's out of spec for the thing?
> Does first switching to mirror mode in console then switching to X work? 

Nope. I get the same thing.

> Maybe generating independent timings for CTRC2 is what we need, after all. 

No idea. :)


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Samizdat New Media Solutions

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