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debian-powerpc: configuring the airport

Is there a howto to configure the airport basestation and airport card.
I have TiBook (older one) with an airport card installed. I have got it working with my basestation but I think it is setup to connect to *ANY* basestation and/or vice-versa. I would like something a bit more secure.

I currently have an old Intel box with a modem 33.6K modem attached to it. I use it as my firewall (masquerading) to connect to the internet and my basestation is an access point to the LAN within the protected network. I have read that it is a bad idea to have a basestation on the inside of the firewall as it allows other premiscuous wireless nodes to bypass the firewall and get access to the network. I would like to use the basestation as the firewall and internet connection so that I can have a 56K connection and also a more secure wireless solution. Is this the correct way to go and if so, how do I go about configuring it ?

If the basestation can't act as a firewall then I should be able to still use the existing firewall. How do I masquerade the airport basestation ? ie. the firewall will masquerade all traffic within the local network but what about the basestation as it is connected directly to the internet. The ISP may see 2 IP nodes which I do not want them to see as technically my ISP does not allow me to connect a network to the Internet.

Thanks for any help or pointers.
Brendan Simon.

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