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Buildd Failures Update

Well I've finally made it all the way through the failure log. I've
filed bugs as best I can. Here's what I can't account for.

The following seem to build fine on my machine and either had really
weird failures or no logs available from voltaire. So please requeue
them and I'll have something new to look at.

kdestudio: dh_strip failed, perhaps this is intermittent?
scsitools: wish seems to be installed properly on my machine
netdude: no failure log 
tcpreplay: updated central build-depends
rproxy: updated central build-depends
setmixer: no failure log (old)
rx320: no failure log (old)
netcfg: no failure log (old)

The following should probably be listed as dep-waiting.

gide: libgbf-dev (gnome-build)
exist in sid, but does in woody)
openmcu: libopenh323-dev (openh323)
emacs-dl-canna: emacs20-dl-dev (emacs20-dl)
mixviews: (ivtools-interviews 0.9.2-2) (ivtools)
        The old version of ivtools-interviews is dependent upon
        libace5.0 which doesn't exist in sid only woody.
        The current version (0.9.2-2) uses libace5.1.
        Of course, that's the version that doesn't build.

The following seemed to have been removed from the distribution.


Holy circular bugs batman!

strace 117218 has now been assigned to kernel-patch-2.4.12-powerpc for a
fix which is supposed to be fixed around the 2.4.14 release 
(kernel-headers and glibc). Of course this doesn't show up as a build
problem with strace in the BTS. I guess that's just a limitation of the
system. FWIW, that fix whatever it was doesn't seem to be in benh's tree.



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