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Re: New TiBook 550 w/Radeon Mobility question

>Hehehehe...what can I say?  Actually, this was the first fully-assembled
>computer that I've purchased since the 1980s, so I'm probably not all that
>lucky :-P

Well, as Michel said, I'm about to be a lucky bastard as well :) Mine will
wait a couple of weeks, I had some screw up between Apple store and my

>> Someone posted a patch to enhance things to the linuxppc-dev list. I expect
>> benh to integrate it into his tree when he gets his TiBook or maybe even
>> earlier.
>Thanks for the pointer.  I'll go check that out and let everyone know how
>well (or not) it worked.

I included this patch in my latest rsync. I don't know how well it works,
it doesn't implement sleep support yet. Several people are working on
improving radeonfb though, and I will try to get sleep working as soon
as I have the machine, so stay tuned.


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