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Re: installation success using 3.0.16 on iBook Dual USB / HOWTO

> > Have you tried partitioning the disk with the Apple Drive Tool first?
> > Maybe the 8 strange MacOS partitions have something to do witth it?
> Nope, haven't tried that. Not sure Drive Setup will even touch the Zip,
> but I should perhaps get a SCSI boat anchor connected to play around with.
> > At any rate, I'm extremely rteluctant to mess with mine any further,
> > having ruined it all twice.
> I'm not asking you to trash another disk. I'll start playing with the
> installer itself as soon as that boat anchor has completed formatting. Any
> day now ...

Well, the results are in and I still cannot reproduce the crash. One of
the SCSI boat anchors could be initialized via Drive Setup, and a bit of
fiddling with the OF path got me into yaboot. Partitioning worked fine
(retaining the HFS partition where initially yaboot resides on for safety)
and I'm half way through the full install now (kudos to the boot-floppies
team; the network install has been a pleasure to use so far).

We'll have to see how a new mac-fdisk fares in boot-floppies I guess.


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