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Re: Bug#116780: util-linux: hwclock shouldn't be run

Ethan Benson wrote:

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 08:28:31PM +0100, Christoph Ewering wrote:

But iBooks do not have this battery. If you remove the main-battery the NVRAM-settings and RTC are toasted in a few seconds or minutes.

rtc for sure, but i don't think nvram settings will be lost.

unless they changed it again, because on this blue g3 you can remove
the battery and pull the plug all you want and nvram settings stay
intact indefinitly.  i discovered this when i severly screwed up the
OF configuration making the machine (very) unbootable.

Do you unplug the mainboard from the powersupply?
It isn´t enough to unplug the AC-powercord.

Apple calls this a "mainboard reset"
1. unplug AC-Powercord
2. remove the mainboard battery
3. disconnet powersupply from mainboard
4. press the startup-button (or reset-button on the mainboard)
5. after a few minutes put it all back together, that´s it.

This process should reset the NVRAM to defaults for every mac.

Some macs only need a cuda-reset, look for a little button on the mainboard, but attention G4s have also a button on the mainboard and Apple warns not to press this button longer than 1 second or you can damage your mac (think this is the way a G4 enters firmware-download-mode or something like that)

So when I have a mac that is rendered unbootable I do a "mainboard-reset" and everything is fine.


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