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Re: Mo longer memory question, now just 'startx'

Hi Mike!
> When I try to do 'startx', a couple of full screens worth of messages flow 
> past too fast to read before the screen goes blank, then the background of 
> the Debian logo appears, I get what looks to be an icon in the upper left 
> corner of the screen that is labeled 'main', three icons in the upper right 
> corner aligned vertically, then nothing else happens and the computer fails 
> to respond to any mouse or keyboard actions short of the three finger 
> reboot.

Sorry I missed your first mails, but did you configure mouse and
keyboard on console properly?

> Is there a log of the start of 'startx'?

startx 1>&2 2>x.log

writes the xserver-output in file x.log (of your actual directory),
wherefrom you can read (or whatelse) it comfortably.



Georg Koss

mailto: g.koss@eunet.at

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