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Re: boot - powermac 7300 : in english now... sorry.

"Antonio M. Moreiras" wrote:
> I'm trying to install debian in a Power Mac 7300.
> I don't have any experience in macs...
> I do have some experience in debian (x86).
> I've downloaded the first cd of the powermac cd set
> and the boot and root discs. I want to install the base
> system with this cd and the other packages by http
> or ftp (with apt-get, dpkg, etc...)
> I've had two problems:
>         - fdisk don't recognize the correct hd size, but
>         if I calc and give the correct size, it works fine,
>         I only want to know if the fdisk was suposed to
>         do this job??

A small bug which is harmless if you input the correct size, as you
did.  Of course it has been fixed by now but you don't need the fix
because you have the work around.

>         - the base system instalation occours normaly, but
>         I don't know how to create a boot disk and I didn't
>         have success in booting from the hard disk. How to
>         boot the system?

Bingo.  You have to do this by hand.  Read the man page for quik and
search this mailing list's archives for threads on getting quik to
work, or BootX solutions to work.  Good luck, as this is an old
machine and the open firmware is not good enough to support a
reliable quik solution on most machines.  I've had better luck
sticking with the bootx solution, but it is not always an option for
some people for a variety of reasons.


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