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Re: installation success using 3.0.16 on iBook Dual USB / HOWTO

Michel Dänzer wrote:

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

I'm having some trouble with mac-usb-us, I dpkg-reconfigure to select
it, then reboot, but it goes back to the normal non-USB variant.  So I
have to dpkg-reconfigure each time I reboot.  Is there some kind of
auto-sensing going on which resets this at boot time (because I don't
have a USB keyboard, I just want cmd and alt switched)?

No. 'Apple USB' should probably be changed to just 'Apple', the idea of
those keymaps is to reflect the layout of Apple keyboards, USB or not.


You don't happen to play with
/proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes on boot? That might
reset the keymap to the kernel's default, which is probably about the
standard us keymap.

As we say in New York, "Akhaa!" I do this using /etc/sysctl.conf. So I guess I'll have to deal with this as I've been doing, with dpkg-reconfigure console-data after each boot, until I install a properly-configured kernel.

Thank you very much for clearing that up!

-Adam P.

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