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Re: Buildd Failures

I've run through more of the log and managed to get the following to
build, so perhaps they need to be requeued. I'm using pbuilder with sid
from Oct. 31, 2001.

syslog-ng       1.5.9-2
scsitools       0.3-1
kweather        2.99-3
fwbuilder       0.9.6-2
kicq            2.0.0b3-20010313-1.3
konverse        0.2-6
netkit-ntalk    0.17-4

For those with interest, here are the bugs for the rest of the packages
I've looked at.

gato            117818
lde             117939
bibletime       117942
gtranslator     117919
gnotepad+       117911

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