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Re: Mo longer memory question, now just 'startx'

On Monday 05 November 2001 08:34, Mike Yukish wrote:
> At 04:40 PM 11/2/01 -0500, you wrote:
> >Mike Yukish <mikeyukish@psu.edu> writes:
> > > I am a Linux newbie, and I just managed to get the Debian 2.2 R3
> > > booted up on my PowerMac 7600/120. Tried to do 'startx' and the
> > > kernel panicked. I loaded the Gnome package on the initial
> > > installation.
> >
> >What was the text from the kernel panic?  It should be in
> >/var/log/syslog.
> OK, I was wrong about the kernel panic. No kernel panic, just a locked
> computer. Got it confused with the other problem I had earlier.
> When I try to do 'startx', a couple of full screens worth of messages flow
> past too fast to read before the screen goes blank, then the background of
> the Debian logo appears, I get what looks to be an icon in the upper left
> corner of the screen that is labeled 'main', three icons in the upper right
> corner aligned vertically, then nothing else happens and the computer fails
> to respond to any mouse or keyboard actions short of the three finger
> reboot.

    I'm guessing your mouse type is set incorrectly in the X configuration 
file.  If /dev/mouse is a symlink to /dev/input/mice, setting the mouse type 
to ps/2 will work (at least, it did for me).

    How many buttons does your mouse have?

Joseph Fannin

"Bull in pure form is rare; there is usually some contamination by data."
    -- William Graves Perry Jr.

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